YayYo, Inc. Announces Initial Public Offering

YayYo, Inc., www.YayYoIpo.com the first app providing smartphone metasearch applications for ridesharing services, announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission, as of March 17, 2017, qualified the Company’s Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering at $8 per share, to raise gross proceeds of $50 million.

Under Regulation A+ the public can buy shares directly from the company at www.YayYoIpo.com. Link to IPO commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yua0CMJXK4Y

According to YayYo Founder and CEO Ramy El-Batrawi, the Company started in June of last year to fulfill the vision of a metasearch for the transportation industry that he anticipates will be launched in the next few months. “The initial idea was simple,” said Mr. El-Batrawi. “I wanted users to be able to readily compare prices and distance of rideshare and other transportation operators, and now it is becoming a reality.”

About YayYo, Inc.

YayYo is a single sign-on metasearch app for smartphones that provides price comparison and booking of eventually all available ridesharing and taxi services along with select limousine and public transportation services. YayYo offers all the convenience users expect plus unique benefits and conveniences not available from Uber, Lyft or taxi services alone.

As the first single-sign-on solution for the growing ridesharing & transportation economy,
YayYo will provide a ‘Kayak-style’ metasearch experience for the ridesharing world by enabling real-time transportation quote and comparison options as well as a seamless, multiservice provider-booking engine. With YayYo, users only need to sign up for one app one time and instantly gain the benefit of mobile, one-tap order efficiency from a growing list of popular on demand ridesharing services.

This app is built to make things easier for users and gives them peace of mind knowing that they are saving money while getting them where they need to go how they want to get there.

We give users the benefit of seeing multiple service providers from one app. The best thing about YayYo is that users only need a YayYo account and they will have access to every provider on our app.

YayYo will also be offering a rewards program that lets users acquire Yaymiles points with every trip they take that can be redeemed for ride fare discounts and free rides within the YayYo app.

Ramy El-Batrawi at 310-734-7134