Republican governor says NAFTA brings benefits on ‘both sides of the border’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make his NAFTA pitch to U.S. governors today — but.

Trump ‘will build the wall’ as designs submitted for the disputed Mexican border project

THE bidding process for Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall has begun after contractors submitted their.

‘We are not only guarding Latvia’s border but all of Europe’

A few kilometres from the town of Vilaka, Latvia’s land border with Russia is marked.

‘It’s law and order’ on the U.S. border with Mexico — or is it?

In Houston, a Texas city home to half a million undocumented people, CBC News meets.

Tensions on Europe’s border: Russia threatens ‘REACTION’ as Montenegro joins NATO

RUSSIA has threatened retaliation over Montenegro becoming the 29th member of NATO after a ceremony.

Denmark in huge snub to EU: PM says he will IGNORE Brussels order to relax border controls

DENMARK has vowed to ignore a controversial order by EU bureaucrats to lift its strict.

BUILD THE WALL: Donald Trump fired FBI’s Comey ‘to distract from border wall delays’

DONALD Trump has been accused of firing FBI director James Comey to “distract” people from.

MPs condemn Emmanuel Macron’s plan to scrap British border controls on French soil

BRITISH MPs have condemned Emmanuel Macron’s plans to scrap British border controls on French soil..

Theresa May hints France-Britain border controls could CHANGE after General Election

THERESA MAY has hinted historic border controls between Britain and France could change after the.

BREAKING: Panic as Russian bombers BUZZ US border – Air Force SCRAMBLE fighter jets

US FIGHTER jets have been scrambled after a pair of Russian bombers approached the American.