BREAKING: London Bridge EVACUATED – armed police rush to scene amid terror fears

LONDON Bridge railway station has been evacuated and emergency services have rushed to the scene.

BREAKING: Armed police surround bus in Chelsea following London terror attack

POLICE surrounded a bus in Chelsea this morning following the London terror attack at Parsons.

BREAKING: Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia on lockdown – police carry out anti-terror operation

CATALAN police say they have cordoned off an iconic temple in Barcelona as part of.

BREAKING: White House on LOCKDOWN – North Lawn evacuated

THE WHITE House has been put on lockdown for the second time in two days.

BREAKING: Train crash horror – 30 injured after two trains collide

AT least 30 people are injured after two trains crashed into each other in Andermatt,.

BREAKING: £1BN Tory-DUP deal will need parliamentary approval after Gina Miller challenge

THE Government has said that it will need to approve the release of £1 billion.

BREAKING: Stabbing at major Berlin station after armed mob storm S Bahn

A TEENAGER is fighting for life and five others left injured after a mob armed.

BREAKING NEWS: Six people rushed to hospital after car crashes into pedestrians in Dublin

SIX people have been injured after a car overturned and crashed into pedestrians in Dublin..

BREAKING: London shopping centre evacuated over BOMB THREAT

A SHOPPING centre in east London was evacuated because of a bomb threat earlier today,.

BREAKING: Barcelona terror – One killed in explosion just a day before ISIS attack

An explosion in a house in Catalonia that killed two people is connected to the.