‘We depend on the British’ Spanish citizens WARN leaders ‘not to mess’ with Gibraltar

SPANISH citizens who live close to the border with Gibraltar have vented their fury with.

Hurricane Irma – Britons ‘stranded in Caribbean as soldiers REF– USE to help UK citizens’

DESPITE Hurricane Irma wreaking devastation around them, two British couples were denied entry on to.

BREXIT WARS: Michel Barnier ‘will fight Britain’ over issuing ID cards to EU citizens

THE European Union’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will get tough with suggestions Britain will roll.

BREAKING: Theresa May reveals full details of EU citizens’ rights as proposal published

THERESA May said “no citizen” from the European Union who lives in Britain will be.

Spanish MEP snubs Juncker saying Theresa May’s EU citizens offer ‘WAS appreciated’

A SPANISH MEP contradicted comments made by the President of the European Commission after Theresa.

‘I don’t want to pay tax anymore’ EU citizens living in Britain RAIL AGAINST Brexit

A GROUP of European Union citizens living in Scotland have attacked Brexit with Theresa May.

Protect our citizens and we’ll allow your EXPATS to stay: Spain’s FIGHTING TALK on Brexit

SPAIN has insisted the top priority for the Brexit negotiations in the coming weeks will.

‘SHUT UP’ IDS fires back after Brussels chief says EU citizens in UK don’t need documents

EU CITIZENS living in Britain should be handed permanent residency even if they have no.

Kim Jong-un orders ‘600,000 Pyongyang citizens to EVACUATE amid fears of NUCLEAR WAR’

KIM Jong-un has ordered 600,000 residents in North Korea’s capital to evacuate the city amid.

Citizens Advice launches new checker for customers to find right energy supplier

A NEW online checker to help energy customers find the right supplier has just been.